HVAC D-2 MECHANIC - Norwich, CT and New Haven, CT (2 positions) - Konover Commercial Corporation

Basic Functions:

The HVAC D-2 Mechanic is responsible for the physical operation, maintenance and general appearance of the building and its systems.  The HVAC D-2 Mechanic is a Konover Commercial Corporation representative and, as such, must present a neat appearance, and deliver prompt, courteous and professional service to the tenants, while adhering to safety standards. 

The following job description is intended to serve as a general guideline for the tasks to be performed by the HVAC D-2 Mechanic.  Functions will vary by property depending on the physical characteristics of the building and the lease obligations of the Landlord. To effectively execute the duties outlined below, it is recommended that the HVAC D-2 Mechanic develop and implement a daily routine and a comprehensive maintenance schedule in conjunction with the Building Engineer or Property Manager, and verbally communicate with the Building Engineer or Property Manager and other building staff on a regular basis. Additionally, in the absence of the Building Engineer, the HVAC D-2 Mechanic will oversee the daily activities of the Maintenance Technician as directed by the Property Manager to ensure adherence to specifications, contracts and building standards.

With the approval of the Property Manager, certain tasks will require the use of independent contractors.  In such instances the HVAC D-2 Mechanic will schedule and inspect work through satisfactory completion.

Minimum Requirements:

  1. High School Diploma or equivalency (GED); a technical license, D-2, S-2 or equivalent.
  2. Knowledge and proficiency in all phases of commercial building operations including plumbing, mechanical, and electrical systems with an emphasis on HVAC.
  3. The ability to identify and troubleshoot building mechanical problems.
  4. The ability to communicate effectively, both verbal and written, in English.
  5. Working knowledge of building automation software/systems and basic computer skills.
  6. The ability to work independently with minimum supervision.

 Supervision and Direction:

The HVAC D-2 Mechanic will receive general supervision and direction from the Building Engineer or Property Manager.  The HVAC D-2 Mechanic will comply with established policies and operational procedures.  In the absence of the Building Engineer and/or Property Manager, the HVAC D-2 Mechanic will follow advice and instruction from an individual designated by the Property Manager. 

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. General:

 The HVAC D-2 Mechanic is responsible for operating and maintaining building systems as required while adhering to all safety standards.  Performs physical maintenance and repairs with the intention of preservation and upkeep of buildings, grounds, fixtures and tenant space via work orders and direction from the Building Engineer and/or Property Manager.

    2. Specific:

  •  Perform any and all work to include, but not limited to, the installation, repair, replacement, maintenance or alteration of any warm air, air conditioning and refrigeration systems, including associated piping, for the conveyance of heating or cooling media and associated pumping equipment.
  • Operates and maintains the boilers, water chillers, heaters, circulating pumps, induction units, and other equipment in the building; checks all mechanical/electrical equipment, controls, gauges, distribution panels, check valves and other components to maintain continuous heat, hot water, air conditioning and power services; and ensures the physical plant is operating safely and efficiently.
  • Adheres to established preventive maintenance programs and performs preventive maintenance duties such as: filter changes, greasing and oiling of motors, gears, etc., light fixture lamp and ballast replacement, inspection and adjustment of belts and pulleys, replacement of motor bearings, alignment of shafts, boiler tube punching, and related building fixtures and equipment repairs.
  • Maintains the cleanliness of boiler rooms, switchgear rooms and work areas. This includes painting, surface sealing and other duties necessary for neat and decent appearance of work areas.
  • Performs thorough daily inspections of the building(s) in accordance with established daily rounds as determined by the Building Engineer, noting deferred maintenance and other observations.
  • Performs the physical duties required to correct emergency conditions such as sewer back-ups, water flooding into building space and related incidents. Physical duties not only entail corrective action, but also include cleaning up during and after the condition is resolved. 
  • Checks all inventories including HVAC, electrical, plumbing and other maintenance items on a monthly basis and requests the purchase of required supplies from the Building Engineer.
  • Performs any and all duties as assigned by the Building Engineer or Property Manager and his/her supervisor(s).
  • In the event of a vacancy or illness or by request of the Building Engineer or Property Manager or his/her supervisor(s), performs maintenance duties described in the Maintenance Technician job description.
  • Performs housekeeping tasks as needed.
  • In the absence of the Building Engineer, the HVAC D-2 Mechanic maintains basic administrative files and records relevant to building operations. Maintains written records of maintenance services, equipment inventory, operating manuals, general supply and parts inventory, and a library consisting of pertinent data relating to operating equipment, building fixtures and updated drawings, plans and blueprints.
  • Is available to devote extra time to building operations, performing physical operational tasks, when and if the need arises or is requested by the Building Engineer or Property Manager.
  • Responds to emergency situations on a 24-hour on-call basis. Notifies the Building Engineer or Property Manager or his/her supervisor(s) of all after-hour calls immediately or as soon as the emergency situation allows.


We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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